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Hey sup??
Anyhow this week I've decided to instruct you people on bluetooth hacking and software cracking . So pay close attention.


The above pic is a link to a torrent file. Download the content through
any bit-torrent client. If you have any problems tell me via comments.
(The application may vary in looks from the above shown pic, but it'll work
absolutely fine)

All The Bluetooth Hacking Software You Need + Nokia Spy Phone Software.

1. BTScanner 4 Windows,
2. BTExplorer,
3. EasyJack,
4. Mobile BUG App's,
5. BLUE,
6. HeloMoto,

{Plus) The NOKIA cellphone hacking software that allows you to turn a NOKIA
cellphone into a portable listening device that will allow you to use the
internal MIC on the cellphone to listen to the victims personal private
conversations unknown to the owner of the phone.
The programs are all 100% Virus & Malware free and 100% Legit.

Among the many softwares i have tried over the past few months this software is the most convincing and the most easy to use. As you can see from the image above

its pretty easy to use and doesn't give you a pain in the ass like other softwares do.
Ohh!! one more thing have fun!!

Do not neglect these guidelines:-
1. Keep your cell out of view......
2. Avoid looking towards the person whose cell your hacking.
3. Never brag about what you just did or are about to do ever...this could be your downfall.
4. Avoid laughing while doing it, it rouses suspicion.
5. And never try to impress a girl by hacking her phone, if she gets the slightest hint about this shit............... forget dating here, you'll not be able to even talk to her.

Welcome to I like many of am a victim of the high prices of those no good rich software, music and games companies. Lets be frank,who wouldn’t like the feel of an original software and the looks of the same in their CD/DVD rack. I know that I would, but like all of you am deprived of both the feelings owing to the high prices of the same. Now I know that pirating anything is illegal, but I ain’t doing anything illegal, I am just providing you an easy access to the latest and the best software. So consider this blog as a lost highway to a place where everything’s free(except the charges you pay for you net). I’ll be updating this blog each week, adding new software, games, music and movies.
1. Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
2. Windows XP Sp2
3. Autodesk Maya
4. Office 2007
5. DX 10 for win XP
6. Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.2, S60 3.1 [nokia theme themes creator]
7. Norton 2007
8. McAfee Ultimate 2007 10 in 1-AIO
9. Windows Media Player 11
10. Norton.Ghost.14.0.WinVista+Serial
11. Nero 8 Ultra Edition
12. IE 7 beta

1. NFS ProStreet
2. NFS Carbon
3. NFS Most Wanted Black Edition
4. NFS Most Wanted
5. Gears Of War
6. BioShock
7. Crysis
8. Spider-Man 3
9. The Golden Compass
10. Juiced 2
11. Army Of Two
12. Call Of Duty 4
13. Resistance: Fall Of Man

1. Daughtry
2. Minutes To Midnight
3. Underoath-Survive_Kaleidoscope
4. Hannah Montana
5. Curtis
6. Good Girl Gone Bad
7. Lost Highway
8. Michael_Jackson-Thriller_(25th_Anniversary_Edition)

1. The Forbidden Kingdom
2. Rambo (2008)
3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Sorry For Less movie torrents this week.
Check this blog next week for new updates.
See Ya’ll next week……